Filling Pieces Athleisure


For the past year the fashion world seemed to have made a turn towards more ‘laxed’ fittings bringing rise to the term bum couture. With many brands making the necessary adjustments to their collections. Typically, it’s hard to find a proper balance of luxury and lax especially when it comes to footwear. Few brands are able to pull off a shoe that emanates business & casual, like Nike’s Air Force one, especially for millennial men.  Filling Pieces the Dutch footwear brand, founded by designer Guillaume Philibert in 2009 mission was to bridge the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion for shoes.  With the release of their new piece the ‘ Lay Up Icey 2’ , FP indoctrinated their take on vintage basketball footwear. For this piece their designers explored the lasting impact of basketball on footwear design and popular culture. Have a look at the capsules below.