From Durags to Riches

When asked how his mum felt about him forgoing his interest in human sciences to start a fashion line, Oseije Imoohi director and designer of Oji Royale responded, “At first, she was pissed”. As first generation kids of Nigerian parents, Oseijie and his brothers were molded in the same way many of us are, school first, hobbies second. In a time now where many people are making fortunes with their ‘hobbies’ parents are starting to open up to new ideas of ‘success’.

Like most African parents who immigrated from the motherland  to provide better opportunities for themselves and their families–making a living out of what you love seemed foreign. Any career path that falls outside of engineering, medical professions or law most African parents couldn’t conceptualize. However when speaking to Oseije once his parents saw his passion for fashion they began to deviate against tradition and fully support him and his brothers. Which is becoming a common practice amongst African parents existing in diaspora communities. Through coercion or genuine desire we are starting to see a trend of African parents become more open to creative endeavors from their children. Especially when their children possess the drive, work ethic, intelligence and passion. What parent won’t appreciate that?

When speaking to Oseije I already picked up on his charisma, intelligence and passion for his brand Oji Royale . Oji Royale– is a health & beauty brand co-owned with his two brothers created to be push the envelope against stereotypes and dilute the misunderstanding of black culture. Their flagship piece, the velvet durag has taken the fashion community by storm with many of their pieces sold out within days of its release.

We caught up with Oseije on a sunny day in LA to learn more about the brand’s mission and how they plan on contributing to rebranding the consciousness surrounding Africans.

Photography: Bayo Fagbemiro // @crwnbayojr
Featured: Oseije Imoohi // @oseije
Interviewer: Bryant Ezeji // @alwaysoctobour
Videographer: Bayo Fagbemiro // @crwnbayojr