If I say Waffles-N-Cream you might think Sunday breakfast, but if you live in  Lagos State Nigeria  you’ll find a complete 360 on the name.

With the estimated population of 21 million Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria. In the heart of Victoria Island you’ll be stoked to find Wafflesncream Flagship located at 234 Muri Okunola Road. Here you will find quality skateboarders, BMX rider gear, graffiti artists, clothing and so much more.

26-year-old Jomi Marcus-Bello the founder of Wafflesncream has been developing the concept  of a shop for the local skaters for the past decade. It is the first shop of it’s kind in Nigeria and has been running successfully for the pass eight  years. But it doesn’t stop there!Wafflesncream now sells worldwide with their online store and US location at 73 Spring St, Suite 203 NYC.


Oh I’m No Newbie!!

Jomi Marcus-Bello received a skateboard as a gift at the age of 12. Not sure what he was doing, he started  to skate around. After a few years he moved to England for school where there was a skate park near by. Jomi found himself spending most of his time there mastering his craft. From there it became a way of life for him.

Say my name, say my name!!

I know “Wafflesncream” right. The name doesn’t scream skateboard  shop or skateboard anything, but the name is supposed to look international and sound international, so nobody from anywhere would look at it and per-judge in any way.

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Wafflesncream is so much more than a skateboard shop. They are a community of  quality skateboarders, BMX riders, graffiti artists, photographers, musicians, graphic designers and video directors that bring a genuine approach to celebrate subcultures. With the help of the community the Wafflesncream family will soon have a skate park in the city of Lagos.  Their goal is to open a skate parks in Nigeria and all around Africa. You can peep and follow the team here