In Good Health


Men’s health can be tricky. Especially for African men as the food we are used to is dense, full of carbs and dangerously delicious. As most things that we enjoy are. In a world full of get ripped quick videos and Youtube weightlifting stars one may grow seemingly impatient and ignorant to the process of being healthy*. In a search for practical and every day advice that could gradually help us develop the bodies we are striving for and most importantly health we spoke with the most in-shape person we knew, health influencer Osamoje Imoohi out of Miami to give us some tips.


GP) How do you start your mornings? Do you have any specific routine that gets you ready for your day? Do you pray? Meditate?

OI- I reflect on any dreams I might have had the previous night and attempt to understand their meaning or significance. Next, I read scripture, meditate, and aim to apply it throughout the day. For breakfast I have oatmeal w/ berries and egg whites. A hearty breakfast is essential for me.

GP)  Please talk about where you are from, your parents and how your upbringing either molded you or forced you to conform. Have any special African plates that help you with your fitness goals?

OI- I was born in Southern California and raised in a Nigerian household. My father is from Edo state and my mother is Delta Igbo. My upbringing was centered around family, faith, education, and discipline.

 GP) How often do you workout? Do you have any plans you’d like to share about your goals with body building?

OI-  I exercise 5-6 Days a week. As it pertains to fitness, my goal is to become a major influencer in the industry, inspiring the masses to adopt healthier lifestyles.


GP)  Do you have any secret health tips you can share with us on getting a 6 pack? Any specific foods, juices, supplements etc..?

OI – Moderate your alcohol consumption, avoid cheeses/dairy products, and avoid sugary foods/beverages. If you have to ask yourself, “is this good for me?”, chances are it’s not.

GP)  Any health/workout myths to debunk?

– I’m disheartened when I hear women avoid weight-lifting because they don’t want to get “too buff”. The female body doesn’t produce enough testosterone naturally for them to turn into the hulk. There are a list of benefits that accompany weight resistance training.

6. Will you be entering into any body building or fitness contests?

– I don’t foresee myself hopping on a stage anytime soon. The experience in the past was unforgettable, but it’s also very expensive.